About Institute

The Institute of Immunology and Human Genomics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan is the only institution on the territory of Central Asia that is engaged in creating innovative products focused on achieving the strategic national priorities of Uzbekistan: developing basic science, education, improving the quality of life and ensuring immune biosecurity of the population, achieving economic growth.

At present time, immunology is being promoted to the rank of sciences, with which acceleration of scientific and technical progress is linked. A feature of the modern stage of development of immunology is that it is considered as a science that studies the structure, functioning and pathology of the immune system. In recent years, researchers have been accumulating more and more information about the key role of the immune system in the development of many pathological processes. Extensive immunological examination in the clinic is dictated by the need to identify not only the level and extent of the immune defect, but also immunopathological processes, mainly immunodeficient, that may develop during the course of the disease and as a result of the use of drugs (hormones, antibiotics, etc.) . At the same time, the prevention of immunopathology is becoming an important area of clinical medicine.