Main activity directions

  1. The implementation of complex, interrelated1 with the global achievements of biomedicine, ensuring the development of a wide range of immunogenomnyh technologies;
  1. The study and formulation of new ideas about the generality and differences of the systemic immunological, genomic and cellular-molecular mechanisms of the formation of autoimmuno-inflammatory processes in oncological, autoimmune and metabolic pathologies;
  1. 2The use of the achievements of the system of immunology and genomics for the development of new pharmaceutical technologies to explore immunotropnyh medicines from local raw materials;
  1. Development of analytical and technological basis for developing a new immunobiogeneticheskoy, import-substituting products for the diagnosis and treatment of multifactorial  comorbidities in accordance with international requirements.
  1. Improvement of the forms of integration of3 science and education in order to prepare young highly qualified specialists and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the field of immunology and medical genetics and related areas;
  1. Development of new programs and methods to promote the development of innovative scientific research, methodological support of the educational process, as well as ensuring the active participation of the Institute’s researchers in the educational process of specialized higher educational institutions;